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My Biography

I born in 10th June 1980 in Ghahderijan – 20km far a way of Esfahan – Iran.
My elementry school was Farabi for 5 years and next, I went to Meysam junior school for 3 years, and after that, I studied for 4 years in Balal high school.(all of them were in my hometown).
Starting learning in computer sciences since 1994 in Ghahderijan by Mr. Mohammad Ali Shafiei with MSDOS v5 and QBasic . I had to leave school under diploma and started working at the printed house for 3 years. I went to Esfahan steel company – IT department – in 2002 to 2010. In 2007, went to Government of Esfahan for just one year. I decided to start educated again for gaining diploma in Shahid Ghadiri in Esfahan. After that, I could entry to college and got BSc. in software engineer for 4 years.
My childish dream was find Computer’s viruses and clean them. I thought this is ultimate dream and awareness. but nowadays, my ultimate goal is learning and raising my abilities.

Job Positions Summary

2023 :::::::::::::: Network Security and Infrastructure Administrator (CRA) 2023 :::::::::::::: Development of Information Security in PecCo (TOP) 2022 ::::::::::::::: IT consultant in Iranian medical sciences universities 2021 :::::::::::: Technical manager in Mohatari Hospital (Esfahan Steel co.) 2018 :::::::::::::::::: IT Manager in Tamin Sanat Amen International Co. 2010 : Network and Security manager and specialist in Aramin IT Co. 2009 : Network manager in Samen ol Aemeh International travel agency 2002 : Network and system engineer in Esfahan steel Co.(Arico)

and also I have had many similar roles in different state and non-state company and organization as my missions.

Super Energetic & Hard worker

Endless energy in either learning and teaching and also working in 24/7 in every time and everywhere

Long time Experience

22-year experiences means over knowledge with variety technicians in different positions and projects

Highly Skilled

Many academic studies and certificates as a student and mentor make me noteworthy highly skills